Moleskine CityNotebooks now at Barnes & Noble

The Moleskine Team announces the availability of the City Notebooksat Barnes & Noble. "The Moleskine City Notebook encourages you to explore and embrace the cities you love. Written in your unique voice, the book lets you create itineraries and trace... Read More


The Travel Journals of Olivier Ozoux

I recently came back from a trip around the world, using a Moleskine City Notebook for the first time and creating my own version for cities that are not published yet. After Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, the last part... Read More


Strangers on a Train

Here’s a nice review of Curry Long’s new book: "In this city of eight million-plus people, there are certain rules by which we must abide in order to preserve our sanity. Take the subway for instance, those mobile zoos of... Read More


Columbus Circle Compass

Just in time for the NYC Moleskine CityNotebook? 🙂 introduces a proposal and petition to install a large-scale compass rose on Columbus Circle, a major gateway to the Upper West Side. So far, the support has been very positive.... Read More


Keeping a “one-sentence journal”

One of my successful happiness-project initiatives is to keep a “one-sentence journal.” For quite a while, I’ve been alarmed by how little I remember about my own past. As a consequence, I’ve become much more careful to take photos and... Read More


DETOUR Artist Profile: Pietro Ruffo

Pietro Ruffo was born in Rome in 1978.He is an architect and currently works as part of the Foundation Pasticifio Cerere, which is now represented by Lorcan o’ Neill in Rome.He had exhibitions in Italy, Algeri, Sendai (Japan), Berlin, New... Read More


Why I Bought a Moleskine

"As you can probably tell, I generally don’t like silly accessories for writing. You hear people talking about how writing with a lead pencil on paper feels more natural, or about using a typewriter with one continous stream-of-consciousness roll of... Read More


New York City Blog is online

This just in from Micol Rossini in Milan: " is becoming bigger and bigger!Starting from today the New York City blog is online! Visit it and post all your comments!Make your own contribution to the growth of the Moleskine Community!... Read More


Mostra di carnet di viaggio a Galassia Gutenberg

Simonetta Capecchi’s new exhibition  on travel sketchbooks / carnets de voyage, inNaples – Italy For details, visit her blog Download the exhibition guide.pdf————————————————————- – Blank Page # 34   – Her Story–  Il Lee: Ballpoint Abstraction Today on... Read More


In any order?

cherryblossom in japan asked: Here is a thought for all fellow Moleskine Junkies.As I am *new *to the phenomenon that is the * Moleskine*could anyone let me know if they have an order for their Moleskines?Does anyone keep journals separate... Read More