The Napkin Fiction Project


"Esquire screenshotmagazine sent 250 clean white cocktail napkins to writers across the U.S. What they got back proves not only the rich possibilities of this "spontaneous medium," but how much fiction can be crammed into that small square of space. Some of the tissue-thin papers returned bearing microscopic lettering and impressively involved narratives. (Rick Moody, your handwriting is so very, very tiny.) Others came back illustrated by their napkin-novelists with splotches, scribbles, or a bright lipsticky kiss. Some scribes took the opposite route and composed minimalist tracts, leaving much of the white space open for business. We also counted a letter, several lists, and one typed and bound booklet. And that’s not mentioning the fantastical tales involving reluctant wedding attendees, hamburger-craving killers, gun-wielding narrators, and "BEE-YEW-TIFUL" royalty."

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[Thanks Chris]

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One Response to The Napkin Fiction Project

  1. Peter says:

    Great idea. I love this kind of communal artwork/writing. My friend actually did something similar with a bar napkin, but had multiple people contribute to one final piece.

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