Welcome Riffdreams


I would like to introduce everyone to Riffdreams, a new blog by my dear friend Gary Varner:

"This blog/Web site is an online presence reflecting my renewed
interest in music, specifically guitar playing and songwriting. I’ll
keep this intro short so you can get back to browsing RiffDreams.

I had a minor musical upbringing, the embarrassment of saxophone
lessons at seven, piano from nine through 11, but finally discovering
coolness in the form of guitar playing at 14. I played in rock bands
(lead guitar) through high school and early college, but at some point
life got in the way, I sold my gear, and took a long, non-musical
path…until now.

I’m a late-middle-life professional, whose day job keeps me mentally
in the world of strategic planning, work process improvement,
teambuilding, process mapping, and other forms of corporate cruelty. I
write heavily in my work, and have pursued writing as a creative
passion, but since I do so much writing in my day job I’m
less-than-eager to devote nights and weekends in pursuit of the written
word. I still write, but only as the muse beckons and usually during
periods I’m not doing so at work.

And so, in one of those retro-vision moments we male humans are
famous for in our later years, I turn to a long-forgotten passion of
guitars and music.

So it seems I’m diving back into the world of expensive gear,
socially odd musician-types, and the whole genre of a niche passion.
Hope you enjoy the chronicles here of my return to a musical life on

Riff well in whatever you do!"