What pens/markers do you love to use in your Moleskine sketchbook?



I recently bought one each of the large/small Moleskine sketchbooks without knowing what kind of paper was in them. It reminds me of the "Oak Tag" paper used for Manilla folders. It seems that my regular pens/markers are reacting differenty to this type of material and I was wondering what kinds of writing impliments people favored for use in the sketchbooks.

*athena says:

Sakura Pigma Microns. I love them, but I go through them very quickly. The nibs break fairly easily too. Though I am currently using a Pilot G-Tec-C4. I use a Lamy Vista fountain pens for my journal though.

23rd spiral says:

in my new London City Notebook my trusted Waterman fountain pen bled odly and horribly. On cheep paper it beeds out in all directions, in this moleskin it bled in small lines like streams away from the writing. Argh!!

So, in starting my first Moleskine pocket weekly diary i had a crisis… risk streams of ink or use a biro! I had no gel pens left, and needed to start on new years day of course. Also, because i only get 7 narrow lines to record a day’s activity, the pen can’t be too thick. Any UK-avalible ideas?

I see many of you use fountain pens, any ideas why mine went so wrong?

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12 thoughts on “What pens/markers do you love to use in your Moleskine sketchbook?

  1. I use a Uniball 207 0.7mm (med) black. They’re inexpensive at just about any drug store, and they’re acid free, fade and water resistant. They’re primarily designed to prevent check washing, but work perfect for my Moleskine pocket notebook.

  2. Wonderful thread, thanks. I use only the lined Moleskines and my tool of choice is a Lamy 2000 fountain pen w/ an extra-fine nib. I sometimes use a Lamy Dialog 2 RB pen too.

  3. I use the uni-ball vision fine with my lined Moleskines. I use a regular #2 pencil and Crayola Mini Twistables in my sketch book.

    Maybe I’ll move onto something more advanced when my drawing skills improve but right now it works fine for me.

  4. I use a uni-ball VISION fine black colour/ Sanford, made in Japan. It works divinely and my Moleskine (large) absolutely reacts symbiotically with the pen. I cannot recommend anything better as I jot down my daily emotions and impressions of the world we live in in this modern day and age with all it’s joys and tribulations and glorification of cold hard technology and diminution of the pure ecstasy of putting firm pen to supple paper.
    For drawings, however, I use Crayola crayons as their waxiness give a nice sheen to the colours as it reacts with the silky smoothness of the Moleskine paper. I suggest you all try this, as sometimes it’s best to simplify, simplify, simplify, as Thoreau, our great patriarch, states in one of his masterpieces, “Walden”.

  5. I’m not averse to using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil with B or 2B lead, and the California Republic Palomino is a sheer joy to use. (Light colored pencil lead I find wanting.) But if you prefer ink, then Noodler’s inks tend to feather less than other brands. The most accommodating color is WALNUT (dark brown), per a blog post written by the son of a psychology professor. His father wrote in brown ink, as he felt the color softened the message. Also, dk brown goes esp well with Moleskine’s cream colored paper. The best super-inexpensive fountain pen is the Hero 329 with the Star Trek nib (the 330 and non-Star Trek 332 are essentially the same). These pens have an extremely fine hooded nib, which keeps the ink from bleeding thru and allows you to write small. You can’t beat the look of a line written with the 329 in Noodler’s Walnut–really a marriage made in heaven. As for Dip Pens, the best nib for a Moleskine is the Hinks, Wells, & Co. 2836, which lays down less ink than any other dip pen nib I’ve tried. (Others lay down so much ink that it feathers badly and bleeds thru to the other side of the page.) Rollerball and gel pens are notorious for bleeding through Moleskine’s thin pages as well; ballpoint ink is too viscous to do that. But sadly, ballpoint isn’t cutting-edge enough to suit Moleskine users…. (You can’t ignore the fashion component here, and I’m as guilty as anyone.)

  6. I have to agree, the Hero 329 is great for Moleskines. But what is a Star Trek nib? Are you referring to the little arrow-thingy on the pen just above the nib?

    I avoid ballpens, but that’s because I can’t stand the feel of the point on paper.

  7. For a really different effect, try using Derwent Metallic watersoluable color pencils. I sketch first and then use a spotter sable to dissolve the pencil into paint. Move the paint around a little to create a “painterly” effect. I also dip the pencil point in water and make darker marks as it turns into paint instantly. I do the same thing with Graphitint watersoluable pencils. The sketch books take a light wash rather well and seem to present a rather Victorian look to the artwork.
    I also use Gouache and after the paint is dry, buff it with a soft cloth and it brightens the colors and creates a shine on the surface of the painting.

  8. For my Moleskines, I usually use a Staedtler Pigment Liner (0.1) — it’s archival, so it’s lightfast, waterproof, and non-bleeding. It takes a second to dry, though, so don’t swipe your hand over it right after you get done writing.

  9. I do have another question to ask:

    I’m new to the Moleskine sketchbooks, and I was wondering — will Prismacolor alcohol-based markers bleed through the pages?

  10. PILOT PRECISE V5 RT or the non-RT. =)

    Sometimes the Sharpie Pen, but the black is not as dark or “rich” as the Pilot’s.

  11. I use Waterman Hemisphere Ball Point Fine Blue. It is easy to hold, flows smoothly and it fits perfectly into my pen clip I got from http://www.moleskine.dk. I have two of them one is on my daily Moleskine log book and the other is attached to my Moleskine agenda. Pen Clips are portable so when I’m in new York I attach it to my New York City Book.
    Pilot gel is a nice writing instrument but too thick to hook in to my penclip.
    I think Laywine’s in Toronto started carrying the pen clip as well and they have the best selection of quality pens. I love visiting them everytime I’m in Toronto. They have all the Moleskine note books agendas and city books as well.

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