Why are Moleskines perceived as pretentious?


I have noticed since becoming infatuated with my Moleskines in the last
year, a common observation that keeps popping up is that Moleskines (or
use of them) tends to be perceived as being pretentious. For example I
have been in notebooking stores and have been within an earshot of
people looking at other brands and I quote: saying, "They are not
pretentious like those Moleskines". I also have friends that dislike
the brand due to this stigma that they seem to have.

Now, before I go any further I’d like to point out that what other
people think of the brand or my use of them doesnt bother me in the
slightest. I am, however, interested in why people think this way? I
have told my friends that even if these books were called something
different, were cheaper or didnt have the history that I would still
choose them over other books for a variety of reasons. At first I felt
pronouncing "Moleskine" the correct way was what sounded pretentious
but it seems that people have other reasons to think this way. Im
genuinely interested to know why.

When I think about it, perhaps it is the "Chatwin, Hemingway and
Picasso" slogan. Do people buy Moleskines because of this fact? I buy
mine because they are excellent books. What I guess I dislike about
this slogan is that it should probably be limited to the specific books
that those personalities used. I doubt Picasso used the Music book or
Hemingway used a watercolour reporter, but this is just nit-picking
really. 🙂

I like my Moleskines because I enjoy using them. But I must say I think
of myself as a humble-natured person and the whole ‘pretentious stigma"
rubs me the wrong way at times. Of course this wont stop me from using
the books until something better comes along, but I dont see that
happening any time soon.

I am interested to hear your views on this subject!

Photo: "Moleskine and Quill Pen" by Jraymay
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One thought on “Why are Moleskines perceived as pretentious?

  1. I think others think it’s pretentious the same way they think a Lexus automobile or Birkenstock shoes might be considered pretentious.

    You spend a little more, but you get a quality product in my opinion. I need a notebook that will take a beating and the Moleskine line has done just that for me.

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