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Moleskinerie FLICKR is now 4,521-strong

Celeste  says: Hola amigos!I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I joined this group because is simply amazing. Seeing the thigs you post here is almost so therapeutic as to draw in my own moleskine. Join and introduce yourselves here. Greetings … Continue reading

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Mini Moleskine

Then there were two Moleskine! Magic? No, its a DIY project by Swirlee at Instructables. Check it out!

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Veronica’s Visa

At the waiting area right outside the US Embassy in Manila, entrepreneurs would set up an improvised photo studio for visa applicants traveling to the states. Accessories includes only a white cloth for backdrop, a monobloc chair and a handy … Continue reading

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Recent Comments : Little Nuances

Some dreary days I come across little posts that makes all these effort worthwhile. Here’s one: "I like the fact that Frasco seems quite content to just let this blog be what it is and nothing more. I’ve read so … Continue reading

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How can a non-artsy person decorate the ‘skine cover?

christyeo asked: What can I, a non-artsy person, do to decorate a moleskine cover and it not look awful? I like minimalist designs, and am looking for something elegant that can help distinguish between various moleskines. I’d like to make … Continue reading

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The Geekster Moleskine

"A few weeks later I accidentally placed my WD Passport external drive on top of my Moleskine notebook and, what do you know, they were pretty much the same size. That got me thinking. After some extensive research (well, I … Continue reading

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Tale of the Genji

"In a certain reign there was a lady not of the first rank whom the emperor loved more than any of the others. The grand ladies with high ambitions thought her a presumptuous upstart, and lesser ladies were still more … Continue reading

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Bloomsbury and the Struggle With Web Economics

Lonely Planet have stopped publishing ebook versions of their travel guides but there is more information on their Web site. Sales may not have been encouraging as they did not alter the ebook between editions of the hard copy. It … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Patricio Javier Vargas

My work shows the simultaneous property of a given act, several perspectives about a given fact that is taking place in its time and thanks to the drawing it can be acceded and be unravelled what subtly it hides. This … Continue reading

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Mingering Mike

One cold December morning, Dori Hadar—DJ by night, criminal investigator by day—was digging through crates of records at a flea market in Washington, D.C. There he stumbled into the elaborate world of Mingering Mike—a soul superstar of the 1960s and … Continue reading

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