Bloomsbury and the Struggle With Web Economics


Lonely Planet have stopped publishing ebook versions of their travel guides but there is more information on their Web site. Sales may not have been encouraging as they did not alter the ebook between editions of the hard copy. It would be technically possible to create a PDF from a changing database but I have not seen such an offer. A meeting about travel suggested that this is one area where Web sites are defining the environment for book publishing. Stephen Palmer was reported by the Bookseller as saying that books and digital technology would "co-exist" indefinitely with the next shift waiting on the day when charges for mobile phones ceased to be extortionate for roaming away from home. One interesting response to this comes from Moleskine who publish city guides that are mostly empty notebooks for the traveller to fill in. They do host a Web site for experience to be shared.

Bloomsbury and the Struggle With Web Economics
By William Pollard

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