How can a non-artsy person decorate the ‘skine cover?


christyeo asked:

What can I, a non-artsy person, do to decorate a moleskine cover and it not look awful?

I like minimalist designs, and am looking for something elegant that can help distinguish between various moleskines. I’d like to make it a bit more creative than words done on a label maker. Any ideas?

I’ve looked through the "what’s on the outside of your moleskine" thread, but I have no artistic abilities. I tried decorating it by painting a strip of black nail polish, glitter, and a sticker. It looked terrible and I ended up discarding that moleskine.

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One thought on “How can a non-artsy person decorate the ‘skine cover?

  1. Am sending this post to my artist-designer-architect wife, who no doubt can help a non-artist like me come up with a solution.

    Today, she bought for a girlfriend who is moving two different ‘skines to choose from. One was ruled, the other was not. To wit, another convert has been born.


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