June Parrish Cookson and her Moleskine


Not long ago, I decided to create an art blog representing my illustrations utilizing Moleskine books. The day I received my first moleskine I had no particular expectations in the idea that it would meet my artistic criteria. As an artist, I have a vast supply of journal/sketch books and all have had various issues to contend with whether size, weight, or paper stock. Furthermore, they all had one dilemma in particular that weighed heavily on my mind. Where could I find a sketchbook that was a likable size, lightweight, and most important — opened flat? After numerous failed attempts of experimentation, I eventually discovered my answer — Moleskines. From the moment the blue band was removed and the first ink lines and colored pencil marks were drawn upon cream-colored papers, artistic exhilaration ignited beyond all expectations.


Words alone cannot describe my newfound affection for my moleskine. Attributes are plentiful — black textured cloth covers, sturdy pages opening flat (especially love this), elastic band for closure, attached ribbon placeholder, and expandable inner pocket. It’s no wonder they’re beloved all over the world.


So satisfied with the large sketchbook, I have purchased several more including a watercolor book. Persistently creating drawings and words, they will forever be my special treasured gems.

Thanks Moleskines!

June Parrish Cookson

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One Response to June Parrish Cookson and her Moleskine

  1. CarlenLea says:

    Wow those are gorgeous! I just caught up on about 3 weeks of posts and this just stopped me cold. They’re beautiful images. I wish I had anything remotely that pretty in my moleskine.

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