Moleskine Cahier or Regular Notebooks

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I’ve tried the Moleskine regular large plain notebook and the Moleskine x-large lined Cahier (black) for a few weeks now, and I definitely like the Cahier better.

People either attack the Cahier for feeling "cheap" or praise it because it’s more "casual." But my reason for preferring the Cahier is more specific and practical. Unlike the regular Moleskines, the Cahier lies FLAT against a table, like a thin sheaf of papers, as opposed to a hardcover book. This makes it much more comfortable to write notes on, in my opinion, than on the regular Moleskine notebooks with the hardcover binding.

Any Cahier fans out there agree?

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4 thoughts on “Moleskine Cahier or Regular Notebooks

  1. I use the Cashier as a supplement to my regular Moleskine. I can’t always carry around my medium sized Moleskine and the small Cashier makes a good “satellite” notebook. I like the Cashier because it fits in my jacket pocket without being all big and bulky, I can write or doodle on the paper cover and it has tear out pages in the back for scratch paper (do that in a regular Moleskine and you feel sacraligious).
    For most things I still prefer the regular Moleskine, I’d fill up the thinner Cashier to quickly. I also prefer the more durable leather binding since I drag these around everywhere I go for several months before they get retired to my shelf.

  2. I use both. I actually started off using the large cahier and I went through them to quick. I have been using the regular large notebooks for about 6 month’s. My mother-in-law gave me a pack of the large black cahier’s and I have been using them for a reading notebook, taking notes and such. I use the extra-large cahier for class and I really wish moleskine would make a extra-large regular journal.

    Both are great to me.

  3. I love the cahier large notebook for journaling, but I am looking for a Midori style cover that fits. Any suggestions?

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