Moleskine Freebie


I made a little something something for the journal fetishists . . . figure this is as good a place as any to post it. A 2 page PDF of a template that slips it under unlined pages, so that your handwriting doesn’t look all cock-eyed, like mine does.
• three 4½" x 7½" with lines spaced at ¼", ½" and ¾"
• one storyboard template with 4" x 3" boxes
all corners are rounded which helps them fit snuggly inside a Moleskine pocket

Joyce @ Bibliophile Bullpen


2 thoughts on “Moleskine Freebie

  1. Would love to download the templates, but what is up with this website? Can’t get any links to work…they disappear as you roll over them.

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