Moleskine vs. Wacom ?


Artist rubio2d writes from Madrid:
"I prefer sketching with classic paper-and-pencil. I love the sound of
pencil scratching the paper. But inking… sometimes I make it in a digital
medium (flash or illustrator) time is time, and here comes the wacom. And
coloring…. Blessed Photoshop!
Only one reason: Ctrl+Z"

Visit his blog, La Goma de Borrar.

[Originally posted 9.28.05]

One thought on “Moleskine vs. Wacom ?

  1. I have been using computers since 1977 in one way or the other. From dial up / punched ribbon in “basic” to my first hands access on IBM’s PC in Sept’ 1981, to Apple IIe, and latter on I got my hands on a friends Wacom, and that was over a decade ago, PC history took off from there. I never used The PC as an Artistic medium. Nevertheless, I never gave up on my Pencils for my Ideas, Thoughts, New symbols to prepare a larger painting concept. Yes, I will never let go of the smell of charcoal or lead friction noise while jotting in silence my thoughts in pencil, my thoughts like a musician’s music in harmony while sketchy movements on paper reveal the lust for life and joy. So if it is my Moleskine vs. my buddies old Wacom, forget it!

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