Old maps and postage stamps


Burn87 asked:

Does anyone here use vintage maps(duplicates) or used postage stamps to enhance there art journals.

GeorgieR  says:

The Ordnance Survey, the UK mapping agency, sold off just out of date maps as writing paper, envelopes and notebooks a few years ago. I bought an A5 writing pad but used it to teach my class about OS maps.

(I think the idea was to write on the back of the maps, the envelopes had the map printing inside.)

retro traveller  says:

I do. Especially my web design. One can find old maps, postage stamps, and even rubber stamps all throughout my website. I have an extensive collection of old travel guidebooks so I have plenty of maps readily available.

[Image: "Peru & Bolivia Journal [Spread 9/9]" by retro traveller © All rights reserved

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