June Parrish Cookson and her Moleskine

Not long ago, I decided to create an art blog representing my illustrations utilizing Moleskine books. The day I received my first moleskine I had no particular expectations in the idea that it would meet my artistic criteria. As an... Read More


Featured Artist: Paul Heaston

I’m a painter/artist from San Antonio, Texas, currently working toward a Master’s Degree in Fine Art at Montana State University.  I deal mostly with portraits and the figure, and anything else I want to tackle in paint or other media. ... Read More


An exhibition of Tibetan Calligraphy

Tibetan script: ume’ and tsugringOm ma ni pad me Hum (Om mani peme Hum)"Hail to the jewel in the lotus" An exhibition of Tibetan CalligraphyForty-six works written in ink on paper by P. N. Dhumkhang... Read More


Moleskine vs. Wacom ?

Artist rubio2d writes from Madrid:   "I prefer sketching with classic paper-and-pencil. I love the sound of pencil scratching the paper. But inking… sometimes I make it in a digital medium (flash or illustrator) time is time, and here comes... Read More


DETOUR Artist Profile: Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini, architect, was born in Milan. In the 1980s, his theoretical contributions were important in promoting a renewal of Italian design called Nuovo Design. Significant objects put into production include the Vassilij armchair (1978-1979), tea and coffee services for... Read More


Introduce Thyself

       iShé* says: "I’ve always loved Moleskine notebooks. Always felt that if Neruda and Hemingway had one, I def needed to get it and write there all my words. Last year bought one for me and another (graphic... Read More


Watercolor vs. Sketch vs Plain

DIY Sarah asked: I was wondering which type of Moleskine you enjoy most for various media… watercolor, ink washes, acrylics, watercolor pencils, etc. etc. etc. I read somewhere that the Sketch Moleskine is not vary good with accepting watercolor washes,... Read More


Eric Hoffer

"When he published his first book, in 1951, Eric Hoffer has been a longshoreman for eight years and had toliled another twenty years before that as a migratory worker. The book, an abstract and lucid analysis of mass movements called... Read More