Quickest way to lose seven pounds

"The quicket way to lose seven pounds from your travel kit: Leave the laptop at home. This may not be possible for business travelers, professional/addictive bloggers, journalists, or photographers. But, if you can, leave the little monster at home. If... Read More


Bags for Moleskine

I don’t know if this has been covered elsewhere, but my recent post in the "Do you carry your Moleskines everywhere?" thread got me thinking about this. Does anyone else carry a bag specifically tailored to or chosen because it... Read More


My Moleskine

My Moleskine è in nomination per il più importante riconoscimento del mondo del web, i Webby Awards! 80.000 partecipanti da tutto il mondo. Sono fiero di annunciare che My Moleskine è in nomination all’undicesima edizione dei Webby Awards, gli Oscar... Read More


Andrea Joseph’s Moleskine

Whimsical subjects and jaw-dropping detail: "I resisted getting a Moleskine for quite a while. I’ve never wanted to be a member of a club – in fact quite the opposite. When I did get one I really wanted to dislike... Read More


Inspiration: Light Wind

An outside lamp drawn from our home surroundings. The gently sweeping Dutch windmills were actually perfect generators of their own. With that in mind, we made this lamp. With every breeze it stores energy, enough to enjoy every summerevening until... Read More


Separate Lives. Moleskine for Home & Work?

Here’s a question from David: "I used to fill up 1-2 moleskines a month drawing and writing stuff done. I was really happy until I lost one of my sketchbooks at work, and now am a little gun shy to... Read More


A train journey from İstanbul to Thessaloniki

"Breaking in a new moleskine diary smacks of the sacred. If there was ever a time to inaugurate one this was it. Westbound from İstanbul on the famed rails of the Orient Express toward exotic destinations. For some distance we... Read More


Green Apple Talk #3

From our friend Lauren Cerand: TUESDAY, APRIL 24 — Green Apple Talk #3: Environmentalism Now explores how far the movement has come since the first Earth Day nearly forty years ago. What will the next wave of green culture look... Read More


Review: Moleskine Notebook

"Personally, I carry my pocket Moleskine (w/Fisher Bullet) around with me at all times. I use it as my blogging notebook – a place where I handwrite all my posts while I’m on the road or on public transit to... Read More