Plagiarize This!


Original: Moleskine, Milan, Italy

Copy: Ars Nova, Großhandel für Künstlermaterialien, Witten, Germany

original Moleskine notebook is said to have been used by legendary
artists and writers such as Matisse, Picasso, and Hemingway. The
plagiarist had no qualms in saying their notebooks were, too. “Don’t
forget you can copy the romance behind a product,” says Christine
Lacroix, the museum’s curator.

"Stop Faking It"
By Rachel Tiplady
Business Week


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4 thoughts on “Plagiarize This!

  1. I have one of these and find their paper superior to Moleskine paper. Only disadvantages are that they have less pages and the elastic closure isn’t as smooth as the Moleskine’s.

  2. True, they are correct… it was the moleskine (the form), not Moleskine (the brand) that was used. They are both equal in making the claims.

    Moleskine might be a very good brand of the moleskine notebook, but I kind of like the idea that the format is returning from the past.

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