Quickest way to lose seven pounds


"The quicket way to lose seven pounds from your travel kit: Leave the laptop at home. This may not be possible for business travelers, professional/addictive bloggers, journalists, or photographers. But, if you can, leave the little monster at home. If you must write, get a Moleskine notebook and a tubular ink-based data entry device (pen). The rugged little Moleskine is instant cool. I’ve gone with the even lighter soft-cover Moleskine cahier for travel. Let’s face it, the little Moleskine looks better at dinner than the Dell…"

"Quickest way to lose seven pounds"
Brad at One Bag, One World


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3 Responses to Quickest way to lose seven pounds

  1. Adib says:

    Agreed.Moleskine is cool on the dinner table but in my case I also bring along Treo680.It is cooler;-)

  2. Pianista says:

    Well… I agree, but the MacBookPro sure looks better than the Dell, too…

  3. Gilles says:

    Both the Treo and the MacBook must be hotter (literally) than the Moleskine ! And besides taking too much space on a dinner table, I would consider using a notebook while eating quite rude.

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