Receipt Management with a Moleskine Pocket


1. When you get a receipt for anything, it goes in the little pocket at the back of your Moleskine Planner. And since it goes everywhere with you, that’s the easy part 🙂 If you haven’t yet bought into the Moleskine revolution, a pocket in your wallet, or a special pouch just for your receipts will do as well. Just make sure you keep them all in one place.

2. Every day (or two at the most) empty the pocket, and enter the transactions into Moneydance before deciding what to do with the receipt itself.

3. Anything that constitutes a reimbursable business expense goes in an envelope marked expenses in, say, the top drawer of your desk .

4. Anything that is tax deductable goes in a similar envelope, marked tax deductable 2007.

5. Anything else worth keeping as a proof of purchase (say your new iPod stops working, and you want to return it to the store for a refund) goes in a third envelope marked proof of purchase 2007.

6. Whatever’s left, toss it in the bin…

"Receipt Management with a Moleskine Pocket"
By Gary V. Vaughan

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3 thoughts on “Receipt Management with a Moleskine Pocket

  1. Heh, glad to see that I’m not the only one this 4n4lly retentive. Good tips though, as I can vouch that this actually works as a “system”.

    I’d echo Abizem’s advice about shredding too: A must in these times of identity theft.


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