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Next month the book Superuse will be launched. Superuse shows supercool examples of re-use architecture .The book is edited by Ed van Hinte designed by Erik Wong and directed by Jan Jongert and Césare Peeren of 2012architects. you can directly order it from 010 publishers in rotterdam. see:

Cable drums, old window frames, washing machines, nappies, plastic crates, carpet tiles, crashed planes; you can throw them away, burn them or… do something useful with them. And that does happen: there are architects everywhere who incorporate such materials in their designs. It can be tough going at times but it saves costs and often leads to surprising imagery and design solutions. SuperUse. Constructing new buildings from salvaged surplus materials is a practical and inspiring book about recycling superfluous stuff. Recyclicity, a Rotterdam-based foundation that champions this cause, is one of the pioneers in this field along with 2012 Architecten. This thoroughly readable book is lavishly illustrated with 15 clearly and concisely presented examples from the Netherlands and beyond. It gives extensive coverage to the ecological and economic aspects of this subject. SuperUse makes surplus superfluous!
176 pp / 230 x 170 mm / paperback with dust jacket / € 24.50
ISBN 978 90 6450 592 8 – ISBN 90 6450 592 6

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One thought on “Superuse, The Book

  1. The book is out now!
    For the coming six weeks we’ll give away a superuse book to those with the most frequent and best submissions to the superuse-site.

    so register now, collect your examples, select a good picture (preferrably square), and submit your stories for publication. By the end of each week a jury will judge the entries and decide on the winner.
    (note: architectural and building submissions get double ratings.)

    For those who don’t win it’s good to know that Superuse is for sale in selected bookshops in many countries. The selling price is 19,50 Euro. If your bookshop doesn’t sell Superuse, please ask for it or order it directly from 010publishers via their site.

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