Timbuk2 covers – do they fit?


I have been using the larger Moleskine notebooks for approx 4 years and am well into the 30’s on books used.  I carry one everywhere, often tucked into the waist band of my trousers, in the small of my back, under a jacket – kind of like a pistol, only more useful.  When I heard about the Timbuk2 covers I tried to order them online but at $50 shipping to the UK waited until I got to New York to buy a couple.  What a disappointment when the covers, stickered as Large Moleskine Notebooks Covers, didn’t fit.  Neither I, nor the staff at A.I.Friedman could get the cover on the books.  Am I the only one with this problem?  Was the batch in New York made wrongly, or are they all approximately 1/32 to 1/16 inch too small?

Who else makes a similar product without resorting to a hand made leather one, which is looking more likely now . . . . ?


Antony Smith, London

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6 thoughts on “Timbuk2 covers – do they fit?

  1. On T2’s website, they say: “Add some color to your boring black journal with our notebook covers.” But now they have removed all references to Moleskines from the site. I wonder if Modo got mad or if it’s because they don’t fit?

  2. I ordered one of the covers the day they appeared on this site, and received my order a few days later. When I discovered that the cover was too small, I called and a very nice customer service rep told me they hadn’t heard anything about the problem, and promptly shipped me a new cover.

    When the second cover didn’t fit, I called again and the customer service rep checked with product development. She called me back to let me know that indeed the covers were manufactured based on “old specs” and that they did not fit Moleskine notebooks. That afternoon, the Moleskine designation was removed from the product descriptions on the Timbuk2 website.

    It’s a shame, they’re nice covers. I hope they do a revision that fits.

  3. Additionally, if you cannot return a cover you’ve bought, or really really really want to use it, you can cut the reinforcement stitching on the upper and lower seams, and with a little work, the notebook will fit. I’m not sure how this affects durability though.

  4. Not that I have had any reason to think otherwise but a post like this on a site that first brought it to my attention helps me feel better about this site.

  5. that’s almost asinine. Why would they design a moleskin hack to ride the journaling wave and design covers that don’t fit the most popular notebook?

  6. Jgodsey:
    T2’s been doing a lot of weird stuff lately. I remember when they just sold bikebags, lol. 🙂 Now they have wallets, pencil cases, iPod cases…so much nylon!

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