Detour NYC Preview


A select group of special guests attended a preview of DETOUR: the Moleskine City Notebook Experience on Sunday, dropping by the Art Directors Club on 29th Street to see the work of more than 70 artists a week before the exhibit’s official opening, June 1st. At the ADC gallery the guests were asked to don archival cotton gloves in order to page through moleskine notebooks featuring the work of designers and artist such as Scott Wilson, Renzo Piano, Shintaro Miyake, Steven Guarnaccia, Terence Conran and Michael Graves.

Metaphysical sculpture duality Isola & Norzi (alias Matteo Norzi and Hilario Isola) dropped by the event and mentioned how much they appreciated Tom Sachs’s work, a moleskine notebook chained shut. Director/producer Spike Jonze chaperoned Johnny Knoxville around the exhibition, stopping to chuckle at Dave Eggers‘ sketches. Photographer Caterina Nelli, who works in Rome and is just starting a residency in Tokyo, was delighted with the archival cotton gloves; by the end of the night, everybody had a pair.

The editorial staff from the Italian architecture and design glossy Abitare were on hand, asking Maria Sebregondi for the whole story on Lettera27 and its new Wiki Africa project. Valerio Berruti and ISCP founder Dennis Elliot showed up especially to see the work of the ISCP artists that Detour curator Raffaella Guidobono had chosen for the show, including Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Dylan Graham, Gabriel Lester and of course Valerio.