Featured Artist: Sam Vanallemeersch



I like to draw anything, anywhere, and at any time. I have a couple of themes (some might call them a style) I tend to repeat a lot, referring to stuff we silly humanoids do, watch or think; in my eyes anyway. There’s no specific reason why I use a Moleskine, I’ve had sketchbooks since I was fifteen, but never this brand, so I bought it out of the blue when my girlfriend recommended one.

I used to think of them as overpriced pseudo-arty gizmo’s…something I still think today haha!…but the quality of the paper is excellent and the size is great too, it fits right in my pocket, which explains why 90% of the drawings in this one were made on the train/bus or boring waiting zones.

Sam Vanallemeersch/Kolchoz
Antwerp, Belgium

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  1. Dan says:

    Is the art in the commercial world at all?

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