Join the Moleskine Travel Journal Contest: “INVITATION AU VOYAGE”



Join the Moleskine Travel Journal Contest: “INVITATION AU VOYAGE”
Moleskine is thrilled to announce its first collaboration with Air France to mobilize the creative input of the travellers’ community. 

You love travelling? You always keep a Moleskine in your pocket? Come and join this fabulous contest that may allow you to win a round trip ticket to Paris.
The most nomadic Moleskine challenge of the year: An invitation to all travellers in Asia to design their ultimate travel journal. 

For more information and register , visit the official contest website.

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3 Responses to Join the Moleskine Travel Journal Contest: “INVITATION AU VOYAGE”

  1. Andrew says:

    From the Application Conditions page on the link above: “ENTRANTS: The application process is open to anybody regardless of age, nationality or sex. Entrants should reside in Asia.”

    Does “should” mean “must”? If it does, I guess I’m ruled out.

  2. Arnault says:

    Dear Andrew,
    Unfortunately, this competition is only open to Asian residents at the moment. We will organise exhibitions of the winning entries in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. You are welcome to visit if you’re travelling in the area.
    The MoleskineAsia team

  3. Yaxin says:

    too bad that is just for asian residents..
    all the best

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