Mandy Moore and her Moleskine


"She cowrote every song on the album—and not in the sense that she showed up in a studio, changed an "ooh" to an "ahh" on some producer’s verse, then slapped her name on it. "It was 50/50 or more on her end with me," says Rachael Yamagata, the indie troubadour of heartbreak, about the songs she wrote with Moore. "Mandy’s not trying to be a singer-songwriter. She is a singer-songwriter." Moore spilled her guts into a Moleskine notebook. (Getting your heart stomped on by a schnozzy TV actor would seem to lend itself to journaling.) Then, in modest kitchens, home studios, and hotel rooms with some respected but little-known artists, converted those feeling into songs…"


Mandy More: Goodbye to all that
Elle Magazine
Story by Andrew Goldman. Photography by Gilles Bensimon