Moleskine Spotted In Heroes




"I just wanna let you know that I was watching Heroes episode 21 last
night and saw a Moleskine. It was used by Peter Petrelli to sketch the

Bee Dasri

Also reported earlier by Jon Nall. Thanks guys!

5 thoughts on “Moleskine Spotted In Heroes

  1. And there was one on an episode of Numbers shown in Oz a couple of weeks ago, a Ruled Pocket Notebook.

  2. Ohoh…I was watching Parent Trap last night, the one starring Lindsay Lohan. In the scene when Annie arrived at camp, the butler took out a Moleskine for some notes.

    I must say Lohan was a cute little girl in the movie. Pity how she’s grown up.

  3. I thought I saw one of the American volunteer pilots (the plump one) using a small moleskine in the recent Great War aviation epic FLYBOYS.

    Of course the story was set in 1916 or thereabouts, so I don’t think he was supposed to be using a Modo &Modo notebook.

    What the German pilots were using, the movie failed to reveal.

  4. i absolutely love this show and all the characters! cant wait for S02!!!!
    it was nice to see a moleskine being used to paint the future 🙂

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