“MY FAVOURITE MOLESKINE” Exhibit comes to Beijing


15th May, Beijing, “MY FAVOURITE MOLESKINE”, an artistic exhibition
organized by Moleskine Asia and emo+, is launched first time in
mainland China.

Since its Asian launch in early 2005,
Moleskine has organized several exhibitions featuring the notebooks of
more than 200 renowned international artists from very different fields
(writers, painters, designers, musicians…), allowing audiences in Hong
Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo a remarkable insight into the
creative process.


With Moleskine expanding in China market, My
Favourite Moleskine turns eyes to Chinese local creatives. Organizer of
Beijing exhibition has invited renowned artists as well as young
generation creatives to attend this project. Also the public can submit
their own or friends’ work via http://blog.sina.com.cn/myfavouritemoleskine

artworks are displayed in two shipping containers set outdoor at
Jianwai SOHO, a trendy area in the heart of Beijing CBD. Audience can
visit the exhibition free and would be allowed to flip the notebooks
and discover the artists’ unique inspirations and working style.

Released by Linda

Beijing Emoplus Co.,Ltd


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2 thoughts on ““MY FAVOURITE MOLESKINE” Exhibit comes to Beijing

  1. very cool!

    How long will this exhibition be up? My studio is in Jianwai SOHO, so I’ll definitely have to come by and check it out 🙂

  2. MFM exhibition will continue to 15th June,and the two shipping containers are set on outdoor square by building 16 at Jianwai SOHOII(West district).i think you can find it easily.open time will be am11:00-pm17:00,except for raining days,such as today:-) hope to see you there on sunny day:-)

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