Parafernalia Flirt ballpoint pen


Last week I was in New York, I went to Kate’s Paperie, which is a great
store (they are relocating in Soho), I found one pen on display with a
50% discount POP. The original price was USD$45 for this very nice
shape (like a lamp post) ballpoint pen.
So I asked the staff if they had a new one, they said this one was
really the last one they had and Kate’s had discontinued the
Parafernalia line. Because of the price and the really attractive look
(to me), I could use it width my my Moleskine pocket size notebook, I
finally purchased it (even though I hate ballpoints).
Since Kate’s couldn’t find the box of this Italian pen, I asked if I
could have the wooden pen stand and the sales person said
"yeah of course";. So I got my a 50%-off Italy-made
pen with a wooden stand.
I wish I could find a roller ball refill replacement that fits the
barrel, anyway.

Patrick Ng
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