Pen and paper trump tech


"Silicon Valley forecaster Paul Saffo has been tracking electronic bill-paying since 1985. He’s advised some of the world’s largest banks and financial centers on e-banking.

But the man who is the ultimate "early adopter," who tests out virtually every new high-tech gadget before it’s released to the public, uses cash over a debit card, still writes a lot of paper checks, keeps a handwritten journal and prefers to consult a paper calendar over his PDA.

Sometimes it’s just easier that way.

"I don’t trust the security of the debit card system," he says. "And I like the anonymity of cash. It’s not that I’m doing anything illegal. But cash serves my purpose. It matches my style."

Despite all this, not to mention his recent rediscovery of the wonders of Rapidograph pens — the mainstay for designers before hand-drawing was supplanted by computers — Saffo is hardly a refusenik in the high-tech revolution."

Pen and paper trump tech
In a world of impersonal gadgets, techies are turning to tactile pleasures


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2 thoughts on “Pen and paper trump tech

  1. Very well written and interesting article. I gave up my PDA for my Moleskine last year.

  2. I gave up my PDA this year for paper only. Although the hardware was excellent (thanks Dell) the software was too flaky (thanks Microsoft). I am so much happier now that I am mostly paper.

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