Rated M for Moleskine

Colleen Werthmann rates the 2006 Pulitzer Prize winners in her own quirky, notebook-ey way:


Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly

"We love mischievous teapot-toting Bedouin food critics, but we love them even MORE when they sport a jaunty Dodgers cap! Black-shirt woman with glasses, get out of our way! 4 out of 4 Moleskines!"

Brett Blackledge of The Birmingham (Ala.) News

"We’d like to investigate HIS story, given his distinguished
salt-n-pepper beard and affable demeanor! Not your typical heartthrob,
but like ZZ Top said, every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.
Rating: 2.75 out of 4 Moleskine notebooks."

Andrea Elliott of The New York Times, "An Imam in America"

"Jennifer Connelly in Blood Diamond, watch your back! This freckle-faced hottie won for her insightful portrait of "An Imam in America". And the Preppy Handbook style? Genius! 4 out of 4 Moleskines."

"Gravitas-Challenged Pulitzer Prize Winner Hottie Rundown!"

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