"After few days of using my Moleskine that I bought from Full Booked Gateway, I noticed that there are problems with my Moleskine specifically the defective bonding plus some crease on its pages. As soon as I discovered this, I e-mailed Moleskine right away about the problem with my Moleksine and even attached photos. Luckily, I received a reply from Laura Forno of Moleskine. She wrote in the e-mailed that she will send me a replacement notebook. So, I waited for the replacement notebook to arrive and I was hoping that it won’t get lost while its being mailed here. Dun dun dun dun. Yesterday, I was ready to go out of our house because we’ll be going to ISLAND COVE and suddenly my uncle handed me a package.

And look what’s inside! A NEW MOLESKINE fresh from Milan, ITALY! Thank you Modo & Modo for sending me a new Moleskine! Your customer service is incomparable…"

Adrian Jeric G. Peña
The Philippines

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15 thoughts on “That’s CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  1. I feel that I have to back-up Adrian’s story. I won’t go into details, but I had a very similar and equally pleasant experience of the same customer service from Modo e Modo regarding a defective Pocket Sketchbook.

    Just to say “Thanks” to the staff at Modo e Modo for the shiny new replacement.

  2. Suddenly there seems to be more postings about defective notebooks, and how wonderful that the user is mailed a replacement. Is quality control slipping? And just what would you have them do? I once bought a defective microwave and had to return it. It was an ordeal, and I wasn’t singing the praises of General Electric…

  3. I also had a problem with mine and emailed the company. Laura Forno emailed me back just the other day, and is shipping me a new one. I love Modo & Modo. Any company willing to do that is good in my book.

  4. How about we count how many posts there are about defective notebooks, and then remind ourselves how many notebooks are sold in a year by Modo & Modo? It’s statistically impossible to have a totally perfect production line every single time when you so much of the product. Name me one company that never has had a defective product. The fact that M&M is willing to send someone a replacement without making that person either pay shipping or send the company the defective item is amazing. Most companies either require one or the other. Sometimes finding out how great a company is requires seeing how that company responds in situations like these.

  5. Nathaniel, you are right absolutely right. But, it would be better if production of defective notebooks would be lessen. Moreover, we should keep in mind that these notebooks are handmade.

  6. Well, such single-minded praise for a company doing what it should do anyway, it sounds like a collective psychosis. Or maybe Stockholm syndrome.

  7. What would the collective psychosis be exactly? Last I checked there wasn’t any collective denial of the existence of defective notebooks, nor is there any kind of collective claim of perfection about the notebooks.

    And how is this comparable to Stockholm Syndrome? Last I checked Modo & Modo isn’t victimizing anyone or forcing them to do anything against their will. Your exaggerative comparison is pathetically uneducated, and wildly offensive to actual victims who have experienced Stockholm Syndrome induced by horrible ordeals.

  8. “Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, such as battered person syndrome, rape cases, child abuse cases, and bride kidnapping. The syndrome is named after the Norrmalmstorg robbery of Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, Sweden, in which the bank robbers held bank employees hostage from August 23 to August 28 in 1973. In this case, the victims became emotionally attached to their victimizers, and even defended their captors after they were freed from their six-day ordeal. The term Stockholm Syndrome was coined by the criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot, who assisted the police during the robbery, and referred to the syndrome in a news broadcast.”


  9. Nothing, as long as you don’t turn on the complaintant (though I can take it). What I MEANT was that very few people on this blog will actually purchase notebooks from other companies. I mean WE’RE loyal, even out of proportion. Any company should replace faulty merchandise. It IS like the bank robber giving the hostage a hamburger and a can of coke, okay? And in current parlance, even telephone company employeess have “Stockholm Syndrome” because if they feel that a late payment is taking food out of the mouths of their own children, they have an allegiance to their company even when it’s a rather horrible job. If you have many close friends who have been kidnapped as hostages, then I’m sorry. Or not really.

  10. No one has turned on you sweetie, you’re still in the family.

    I agree with you about few people probably purchasing notebooks from other companies. I mainly purchase Moleskine notebooks because they seem to serve my purpose well, but I do on occasion purchase other brands of notebooks, and constantly browse for other notebooks that may surpass Moleskine in quality and functionality without guilt because I couldn’t care less about being loyal to Modo & Modo.

    Any company should replace faulty merchandise. Absolutely. The sad truth is that not all do, and even those that do may not give you brand new replacement. Take cellphones for instance. If your cellphone stops working and it’s faulty due to manufacturer defect AND it’s still under warranty, then you can get a replacement, but not a brand new one, a refurbished one. Plus, you have to give them the faulty one, you don’t get to keep it. Not all replacement policies are created equal.

    I’m curious about the hamburger and coke. Did the bank robber bring the hamburger and coke with them in advance because they knew there was a high chance of a hostage situation going down, and it’s best to be prepared, or were the hamburger and coke one of the robber’s requests with the negotiators? I think there’s a story here. Run with it. Or not really.

  11. What are you talking about with the phone companies and people letting their families starve to pay them? Is there some national epidemic of this happening that we should all know about?

    If you have such a problem with devotion to Moleskines, what are you reading the comments so often for, or readying it at all for that matter?

    Can a person have Stockholm Syndrome where they feel captive to being habitually contrary on other people’s websites and trolling around the comments?

  12. Two things are certain: we all (more or less) dig Moleskine and the enemy is lax customer service and bad binding. Both have been vanquished for now. I thank you all for a spirited discussion. It’s time to move on.

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