Lately, Sean Phillips has been drawing hordes of hungry super powered zombies and if you visit your local comic shop you’ll certainly see that, but you’ll also get a chance to see a wider variety of the critically acclaimed artist’s work. CBR News spoke with Phillips about his two books that hit stores today: "Marvel Zombies: Dead Days," a one-shot prequel written by Robert Kirkman that shows the outbreak of the zombie plague in Marvel’s Zombieverse and "Intersections," a collaborative art book Phillips created with Duncan Fegredo published by Image Comics….

"Intersections," Phillips’s art book, is another project he worked on in between drawing issues of "Criminal." "Duncan Fegredo and I had too much to drink and thought a book of all new paintings and drawings would be a good idea," Phillips explained. "Originally we were going to self publish a glorified Con sketchbook, but then Image kindly stepped up and offered to publish it for us.

"The idea behind the book was to do something different to our day jobs drawing comics," Phillips continued. "It started when I mailed Duncan a new Moleskine hardcover sketchbook. It was blank apart from a title page I’d collaged together. The idea was for him to draw something on the next spread and send it back to me. I’d then draw something inspired by his previous drawing and so on throughout the book. The book is also a visual diary. Some spreads relate to what was going on at the time. If I had the book with me when I did a life drawing class for example, I’d do a painting from life in the book. There’s a spread about Duncan moving house and one when my wife got a new car and stuff like that. The whole printed version of the book is a facsimile of the actual sketchbook. We’ve printed it so you can see the ragged edges of the sketchbook including things stuck into the sketchbook poking out at the sides. The limited edition hardcover is bound in foil stamped black leatherette to mimic the actual sketchbook. We wanted to make something as close to the object of the original book as we could."

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