Brasileiros : The voice and the face of Brazilians


São Paulo – Brave Brazilians telling stories about so many other brave Brazilians. This is the proposal of monthly magazine Brasileiros (Brazilians), by the publishing house that goes by the same name, to be launched on the 28th of June, all over Brazil. Hélio, Ricardo, Nirlando and team are going to show readers the stories of Faustinos, Franciscos, Walmores, Marílias, Déboras and Amélias. “We are going to bring great articles back to Brazilian magazine journalism,” stated Hélio Campos Mello, the newsroom director.

Brasileiros was born from an ancient idea by Campos Mello, those that you write, take note of in a Moleskine – the legendary notebook used, among others, by Picasso – and plan to execute one day. It arose when he was still working for magazine Isto É, published by Editora Três, where he spent 12 years as the newsroom director. “In a weekly magazine, many things have to be left out. It is a constant struggle for space, an exercise in guiding a funnel. So I thought: I want to make a more elaborate magazine, where subjects may be better worked," explained the journalist and photographer.

"The voice and the face of Brazilians"
By Cláudia Abreu

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