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Okay, so last weekend I was tired and the heat was scorching. My daughter wanted me to take her to the pool. I told her I would after I took a nap. So I took a nap and fell asleep for four hours. Her Dad took her. When they came back she asked me why I did not want to take her to the pool. That was not true. I was tired. She left me a note on my Moleskine. I went to her room and we talked and told each other stories. This weekend it was thundering and there was a lot of lightning. I did some chores and she read. She asked me to hang out with her. I laid on the bed with her then started drawing. She asked me to tell her what she was like when she was a little baby. I did. I love spending rainy and stormy afternoons like that.

"Splash" by Ces

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  1. I remember very well when you were in high school. Nanay transferred you and Lyn to Sum-ag High because it is nearer to home. I had to go to U.P. for my Master’s and you have no adult to go to during lunch (I brought all our ba-on to my school). You did not complain but Lyn was so unhappy because she wanted to graduate from E.T.C.S. One day, you went to school in Danny’s old maong pants, with “buslot.” You cut it shorter up to your knees, wore your rubber shoes (were they his, too?) and went to school wearing it with white T-shirt. We just look at you and smiled because you looked good in it. You were the first to wear this kind of maong pants, decades before it became “in” and you looked good. I think Nanay must have been relieved because she did not have to buy you clothes and decided that everything seemed stylish when you wore (after you recycled)forgotten old clothes. You recycled everything, that is, when you were not drawing, (your hands were always busy.) Anyway, we did not see you study much in high school but were relieved that you got a very high score in the national examinations. Were you the highest in your school? When we learned about it, we did not see Nanay jumped for joy. She said that she expected that all her children would get high scores, or at least pass any exam. Oh, well, but with Cecille? She did not bring notebooks to school, like all the other girls. She had only one on good days, and sometimes none! You were special and we all agree you were different. And we like it that way, even now. When you come home to Bacolod, perhaps you can visit your old school.

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