Closing out a Journal


"I reached the final pages of a beloved moleskine today. Black, like all
the others, with off-white pages and a little ribbon marker. This one, I
decorated with a white Apple sticker and dubbed it my Mac Book Faux.
Somewhere along the line, I learned a little journalling tip…number the
pages as you go, and then when you’re done, save a page in the back. On that
blank page, jot down page numbers and one line descriptions of memorable entries
or events so you can find them at a moment’s notice. In closing out this
journal, I noted things like "p.11, financial miracle" and "p.27, prophetic word
from Ed Hackett". If I never read them again – and that would be a tragedy – at
least I enjoyed revisiting them as I catalogued them
Reading an old journal with the perspective of "if I knew then what I know
now" is probably unavoidable. In some ways, I think it’s healthy. In reading
what has been written over the past few months, you see those times when destiny
was winking at you…giving you a sideways glance, flirting with you, but never
enough for you to be sure at the time if it was her or your own imagination…"

"Closing Out a Journal"
Randy Bohlender

Visit his blog, "stuff i think"

© 2006 RB

[Originally posted 6.28.06]

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