Dave Goes to Mongolia


From July 14 through July 30th I will be making a trip to Mongolia, where I will be dividing my time between Ulaanbaatar, the Gobi Desert, and a few villages in outer Mongolia. At present, I am doing my best to try to raise funds that will mean that I can buy enough film to get me through the trip and also make sure that my finances at home don’t totally disintegrate in my absence (ah, the life of an artist!). While the trip itself will certainly serve many purposes for pleasure and personal exploration, I will primarily be using this journey as a point of focus for producing new bodies of work, both photographic and written. My principal objectives are to produce a new series of fine art prints, an illustrated travelogue of sorts here on the web site, and a self-published hardcover book combining the primary written works with the final photographic images. Secondary focus will be given to producing several magazine submissions both in the form of photographic portfolios and travel articles.

I will be packing fairly light, checking only my tripod and a small suitcase with clothing on the plane, and taking my cameras, notebooks, and film bag with me as carryon. Capture will be split between digital and film, a large portion being done in B&W on medium format film equipment, which some might find surprising. Color work will be generally captured using a Canon digital SLR. The reason for the emphasis on film has to do with personal preference and nothing more. I love my digital equipment, but wonderful though it is, it isn’t necessarily the right tool for every job (at least not the whole thing).

David R. Munson
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