Donna Auguste uses a Moleskine?

Here’s a revelation from Eric Moritz:

"So I had the fortunate experience to meet Donna Auguste today. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but after googling her name, she has a very impressive history. Aside from that, I’d have to say one of her most famous contributions to technology would have to be being the key software engineering manager for the Apple Newton, the first PDA.

What really struck me was that she wasn’t using some uber fancy PDA today. She was using a Moleskine notebook. Now that’s ironic, the person responsible for leading the team to develop the first PDA ever, uses analog technology…."

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Photo © Eric Moritz

2 thoughts on “Donna Auguste uses a Moleskine?

  1. Wow, that is very interesting that one of the first engineers of PDA technology uses pen to paper Moleskine. I’m happy to see this!

    I’ve tried Palms, Windows devices, and Smartphones for several years, but nothing beats my Moleskine PAA hands down. No lock ups, no drained batteries, no cracked screens, and no lost data (unless I lose the entire Moleskine of course). And there is something about writing down notes on a page versus typing them in via keyboard that helps me remember them. So long as Moleskines are made, I will not own another PDA.

    I work in technology and many of the administrative staff I work with have always complained about problems with their PDA’s. Several of them asked me what PDA I use and I just smile and show them my Moleskine Pocket notebook. They are stunned that a technology person uses paper and pen, but the few that have switched are much happier.

  2. You are phenomenal! I am going to ask my daughter, Marji has she read anything about you since she will be graduating in May,2009 in with a degree in Information Systems. Loved reading about you!!

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