Everybody’s Crazy for Moleskine


The name of Phyllis’ pet howler monkey was "Monkey." Here, Monkey is
trying to grab my notebook. It actually has teethmarks in it now.

Jürgen Fauth

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2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Crazy for Moleskine

  1. well, you’ll be able to identify it easier! not many people can claim to have their moleskines chewed by a howler monkey.

    and i thought my one with slug gun wounds was pretty impressive.

  2. I had a goat try to eat mine once on a sketching trip to the zoo. The same goat also nibbled my colored pencil and my coat. (I had to ask a zookeeper if there were any tricks to getting goat-slobber out in the wash.) I figured it was just a goat thing…but maybe if Monkey likes Moleskines, too, it’s a Moleskine thing. 🙂

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