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"Its amazing that the Moleskine has manage to brand and associate
themselves with the great talents of our time. Don’t get me wrong as I
think this is a good thing, but I wonder if this branding aspect has
been taken too far. Maybe its just me, but I find that the Moleskine
brand promise to be very bi-polar. On one hand the brand makes me feel
superior because by using my moleskin I can be associated with such
pedigree of talents. On the other hand, it makes me feel inferior as I
feel that I should only use my moleskin if I am able or about to
reproduce that next design classic, otherwise I should just stay away!

Furthermore, for a sketch book to come in at such a high price
point, it becomes almost too painful for me to make a mark on its
pristine pages. This I find defeats the purpose of using a sketchbook
in the first place as it is suppose to be a repository of quick, down
and dirty ideas. The brand makes me keep on thinking that, is want I am
about to write or draw something that, in years to come, people would
want to see? This is probably why my moleskin still sits on my book
shelf, and STILL in its wrapper. Sniff. I love this product so much but
I just cant bare to use it…"

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2 thoughts on “Inside the Minds of Designers

  1. This seems to be a recurring theme amongst many Moleskine owners. I understand that Moleskine advertises “USED BY EUROPEAN ARTISTS AND THINKERS”, but I also understand that the particular notebook I’m holding was never even touched by any of these great artists or thinkers, and that pieces of a dead tree and oil cloth cannot in any way make me as great an artist or thinker as any of them. I have to become great on my own just as those great artists and thinkers before me. They could have used scrap paper from garbage piles and still have been considered great in their fields. It wasn’t the notebook they used that endowed them with special powers. But like myself, they probably simply preferred the Moleskine style notebook for it’s level of quality, which I am willing to pay a premium for that same quality. My Moleskine is in no way enchanted, but it sure does hold up and do exactly what I need it to do…hold what I write or draw in it.

  2. Ah, of course, that story about those artists and writers…

    A Moleskine is just a notebook which incidentally happens to be well made and makes the flow of ink smooth and therefore makes writing a pleasure. I discovered Moleskine several years ago when I was looking for a pocket notebook to replace that huge and bulky Franklin Planner I have been lugging for years. They are perfect for my Waterman pens and fountain pens because the writing surfaces are smooth and do not seep through. As with any notebook I had, I started doodling on mine and then later drew pictures. My children have their own Moleskine notbooks and journals too. We’ve always had them for years before they became famous through the blogs. I buy a Moleskine in every new place my family and I visit. We love them because of the inside pocket on the cover.

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