Moleskine both sides


I love my moleskine notebook. I write project notes front-back, turn it
upside down and personal note back-front.

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What other "space saving" techniques do you use on your notebooks?

5 thoughts on “Moleskine both sides

  1. Most people who do that are using wire bound books or books that don’t lie flat. It is easier on those to write on the right side page. Moleskine lies flat. Why turn it around and do it that way? Just curious.


  2. I do understand that some are project notes and others are personal but why not just divide the book in half? Front is projects, the second section is personal.

    The added benefit is that if one writes more notes in proportion of one type then you can allot more space to that section. The flip-flop method gives exactly half the book to each and you end up carrying two books when you run out of space for one category of notes.

  3. I did this with a small lined notebook–front was for the general life-housekeping stuff. Then, to get around some anxiety about writing fiction, I turned it over and used the back. Just that small bit of disguise helped me feel “safe” enough to try some new things in my work. Being able to carry my creative toys around with me is very important to my process.

  4. I found I was wasting a lot of space on my 18 month M. planner. It was the only thing in my pocket when I need to jot down some information. Though I was already 9 months into the planner, I wrote the information on the first blank right hand note side. This has become my official information note pad now. M. for journal, 18 month M. planner for notes. It should last a while because there is a lot of blank space in the planner even if you do use the calendar side every day.

  5. I actually only write on one side of the page. I’m not sure why– easy of use, or perhaps thinking that if it gets wet, the ink on the pages might not be rendered as unreadable as if the pages were double-sided.

    Or, maybe I just write on one side so I can fill up books quickly. I have so few, that it’s still exciting to finish up a new book.

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