New organization idea for writers


If you are like me, you have probably suffered from over-organization.
I used to have this total Adrian Monk-like obsession with organizing
all my writing projects and tidbits. I carried up to four
Moleskines–one for journaling, one for poetry and lyrics, one for
fiction and stories, and one for work and miscellaneous notes. This,
along with a large ruled notebook for my "finished" drafts or pieces.
With all that organization, I actually had never filled a notebook. I
must have at least a dozen different notebooks which are only partially
filled. I’m sure you’ve all been there.

So I had an epiphany. More of a Homer-like "D’oh!" moment.

I now write everything into my Pocket Ruled Moleskine. The
way I organize things is to write in different ink colors. Daily
journal entries and random/general thoughts along with notes and lists
are done in black; fiction ideas, stories, story bits, and
plot/character notes are done in blue; grammar and writing notes
(writing prompts, helps, and grammar usage notes) and random
definitions are done in green; and poetry, lyrics, or pieces of these
are done in red. With this system, I have now proudly filled in an
entire notebook. I still keep the large ruled for "finished" pieces,
which I go back and search for in the pocket notebooks (I have started
my second and am halfway through that one) using the new system. I also
still keep a pocket reporter at work for work stuff, but I may
incorporate that into the same system with a new color. I’m debating
that. Less waste, less stuff to carry with me.

I’d love to hear feedback on this system, or if anyone has a similar
method of organizing their Moleskine. Also, if anyone has a variation
of this, I’d love to hear it. I know I was proud of myself for not
"wasting" another notebook.

Che Moleman @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR

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One thought on “New organization idea for writers

  1. I used to do something like this when I was much younger, with the different colors. Now–I guess it blends together more than it used to, my interests were more separate. Now I really only use a notebook for a diary and sketching. The fiction is all on disk, etc. But it can be more doable than having 20 different notebooks going. Don’t be afraid to go back and fill up those empty journals either. It’s okay to eschew chronological order. But whatever feels good to you, do it.

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