Nibs for nobs


Forget Facebook. The hottest way to communicate right now is via a quaint old
technique known as putting pen to paper. Sales of writing equipment at
Selfridges are at their highest for almost ten years, suggesting that some
of us are tiring of texts, networking websites and e-mails.

But has a popular backlash against irritating text jargon and MySpace really
begun, or has writing become merely the latest prosaic activity to be
rebranded for people with more money than sense? Selfridges has reported a
big increase in its luxury stationery sales, as well as a 30 per cent rise
in luxury pen sales compared with last year. Sales of the upmarket pen
Montegrappa have grown by more than 200 per cent over the past six weeks.

It seems that London’s super-rich have found a new way to fritter away their
lightly taxed billions. After all, billionaire scribes could always make do
with a chewed pencil if they had no interest in status stationery.

Carolina Long

Times Online

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One thought on “Nibs for nobs

  1. Interesting comments from The Times; a possible “backlash”? However, for visitors to the UK expecting to see this Selfridges, I have to point out that you won’t find the Selfridges in the picture being populated by many “lightly-taxed” Londoners: This branch of Selfridges is in Birmingham. Come to visit the rest of the UK. Contrary to the belief of London-based journalists, there is UK life and culture outside of London. (The moleskines are usually less expensive too!) 🙂

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