Organizing Recipes


"Despite my affinity to the computer per se and as much as I appreciate the web as a vast inspirational resource, I simply cannot become friends with electronic recipe organization. Having tested various applications over the last years, not a single one managed to convince me to stick with it. Sure, the search functionalities are a huge plus, but the missing paper factor weighs much harder for me. Handwritten recipes develop their own personalities, may it be the aged paper from previous centuries, a beautiful handwriting (which I have not) or the stains and greasy marks, that tell a story of victory success (hopefully). .."

Delicious Days


[Thanks to Rebecca Weeks]

Image: © 2007 DD All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Organizing Recipes

  1. Sophie Brown says:

    This is one of the cooler posts I’ve seen. Customizing your notebooks in any way that you want, I think that’s what Moleskines invite, in the end. If you want a pen holder, make it yourself, if you don’t like the bookmark, rip it out, etc. But the cookbook idea is a really good one.

  2. Emma says:

    Lovely idea. My recipe collection is a mess, now I know what to do about it. And buy another one of my dear Moleskines!

  3. L.P. says:

    great idea!

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