Brasileiros : The voice and the face of Brazilians

São Paulo – Brave Brazilians telling stories about so many other brave Brazilians. This is the proposal of monthly magazine Brasileiros (Brazilians), by the publishing house that goes by the same name, to be launched on the 28th of June,... Read More


Inside the Minds of Designers

"Its amazing that the Moleskine has manage to brand and associate themselves with the great talents of our time. Don’t get me wrong as I think this is a good thing, but I wonder if this branding aspect has been... Read More


Ces and Her Drawings

Okay, so last weekend I was tired and the heat was scorching. My daughter wanted me to take her to the pool. I told her I would after I took a nap. So I took a nap and fell asleep... Read More


Places Traces

These moleskines are part of my Fine Art Degree show at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. I have used a variety of media to create them including solvent transfers, screenprinting, collage, and sewing. They are displayed on shelves with... Read More


Zack Houston: Supermarket Poet

Zach Houston is a man after my own heart. He’s a poet. But unlike most poets he believes in marketing. "Need a poem written while you shop?" said Zach Houston. Supermarketing. "Poems with your groceries-need a poem?" said Houston. On... Read More


Make your own guidebook

I just picked up one of Moleskine’s new City Guides (Paris in my case). It’s a delightful little affair. It’s the usual small Moleskine notebook size with the trademark elastic strap and expanding note pocket in the back. But it... Read More



Thanks to the thousand plus (and growing) entries from around the world. Our first three winners are: Jan KoklesBratislava, Slovak Republic Louis Yong Chen CherngPenang, Malaysia Jennifer TillmanBeaufort, South CarolinaUSA Please check your email and reply to the notification so... Read More


Guest Essay : Pay Yourself First

When I was growing up, my mother always earned money. In Korea, she taught piano to the local children, and in America, she worked alongside my father at their small wholesale jewelry shop in Manhattan. When I married my husband,... Read More


New Works by Enrique Flores

About a month ago I went to the Bologna Childrens Book Fair and to Venice later on the same week. A short trip it was but I managed to fill one of the sketchbooks. The other one is from a... Read More


Detour Artist Profile: Attilio Cassinelli

Attilio Cassinelli was born in Genoa where he now lives and works. He is a children’s book author/illustrator who lived for years in Milan, where he also studied painting and advertising. He began his career as an illustrator for children... Read More