Yellow Dog Sammy Interviews Connie Schultz

The first half of my interview with Connie Schultz about her forthcoming book on the Senate campaign is now posted on the State sub-page. The interview occurred back on January 29th, a few weeks after I had travelled to Washington for Sherrod Brown’s swearing in ceremony. Schultz was then just about finished with her first draft of the book, which is scheduled for release in hardcover on June 19th.

I thought of the interview as a preliminary to her eventual book tour, so we talked extensively about her writing process and how the book developed over the course of the campaign. It was a long conversation with a number of surprises. In this part of the interview we learn the origin of the idea for the book (and it didn’t occur to Schultz first), the story of the title, the important role of Moleskine notebooks, thoughts on political journalists and on bloggers, the hardship of taking a leave from writing her column, and some insights into Brown’s delayed entry into the race (Schultz was the holdout, and she wanted her husband to go ahead and say so). Schultz gives us a candid look at the private moments she shared with her spouse behind the scenes, including a hilarious early morning episode involving toothpaste, and glimpses of the tremendous strain and anguish they endured, particularly in connection with the loss of Schultz’ father early in the campaign. And, we find out what cable TV show they watched on DVD to help provide a late-night distraction.

Jeff Coryell (a.k.a. Yellow Dog Sammy)

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