Zack Houston: Supermarket Poet


Zach Houston is a man after my own heart. He’s a poet. But unlike most poets he believes in marketing.

"Need a poem written while you shop?" said Zach Houston.


"Poems with your groceries-need a poem?" said Houston.

On the spot, To order.

"What do you want a poem about?" asked Houston.

At a Supermarket near the Berkley Bowl,

There’s both food for the body and for the soul.

"Need a poem written?" said Houston.

Groceries may be what your shopping’s about but your poem will be ready by the time you check out.

"Poems while you shop? Need a poem written?" said Houston.

Poems about anything says Zach Houston’s sign.

"Love and motorcycles? Oh man." said Houston.

"A poem about affordable housing in Berkeley." said a woman named Rose.

"Oh my. " said Houston.

And that motorbike poem was written indeed

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One thought on “Zack Houston: Supermarket Poet

  1. He wrote me a poem about my dyed red hair! He only saw a glint of it from the light as I neared toward the entrance, but it was enough for him to type out a great poem. My daughter was greatly amused by the man with a typewriter at the food store.

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