Dressed-up Moleskine


I am a huge fan of Moleskines, and don’t want to journal in anything else. Most other journals that I run across have wide, fat lines, cheap binding, or are the wrong size and thickness. The problem is that there are quite a few journals with covers that I like.

While the classic black Moleskine cover is usually exactly what I need and want, lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been using my voice. I’ve felt stifled and silenced; many of my self-defeating behaviors stem from the reality that I feel unheard.

I didn’t want to settle, though. Buying a journal with a cover I liked wasn’t worth settling for the lines I couldn’t write in or the spiral bound that would eventually unwind.

So I decorated my first Moleskine. I am immensely pleased with it–almost giddy in fact–and I think I could do this forever.  The possibilities give me freedom.

Renee Altson
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