Here’s a thought: Cahier Reporter Notebooks

"…why don’t they offer a version
of the Cahier that opens like a Reporter? I remember when I was in the
military, most of us with any type of responsibility would carry around
these little green mil-spec memo notebooks
to keep everything organized with. I remember the notebooks were
offered in two variations, the memo type (top-bound) and the
traditional book type. I actually loved the memo type for field use,
and I used to get these free at the Marine battery supply office just
by asking. Unfortunately, the only supplier I know of for these is the
Federal Supply Service or other government contractors.

I’d love to have a similar notebook to those, preferably a Moleskine,
which open up like the reporter does. The cool thing is that the covers
being what they are, you can decorate them to your liking, even using
camouflage tape or something. I love the cahier format, but this other
variation would be awesome.

Does anyone out there agree, and does anyone even remember those little mil-spec notebooks?

Che Moleman

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