The Boy Wizard’s Notebook

"It’s changing out there. There’s a storm coming, Harry, just like the last time. " Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Image: © ABF……………………………….. Elsewhere in the world of the muggles, specifically New York:WEDNESDAY, JULY 11: Min Jin Lee,... Read More

Upstairs at the Square” final edition until the fall features featuring Permanent Midnight author Jerry Stahl, whose new book is Love Without (Open City Books, July 12), and Teddy Thompson,
a young British singer-songwriter (and Rufus Wainwright BFF) raised in
a Sufi commune whose raw-boned, big-hearted country covers mine
classics with fresh depth.
7PM, FREE. More:

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17 Clips on Heavy Duty Moleskine

Our friend Patrick Ng went to Japan and… "… found so many types of clips. Each is so unique you’d wonder how many clips are there in this world of stationery. This very set of Moleskine is composed of a... Read More


City Notebook questions

So I just bought my first city notebook.  I’m loving it so far. But I had two questions. First of all, with the transparent pages, what utensil can you use that will wipe off or erase easily? I want to... Read More


Rosebook by Simon Templar

I am attracted to Moleskines for the same reason I am a Photographer. They are tools that help us capture the emotion and feeling of moments, creating immortality in art. "Rosebook"Photography by Simon Templar Visit his blogView the originals at... Read More


The Notebooks of Ian Marsden

I like various kinds and sizes – the paper often has a yellowish/cream colored hue, which at first I was unsure about, but which I have grown to really enjoy. I can particularly recommend the small pocket-sized books. They are... Read More


Ink: which color?

I’m a blue ink guy; I’m that boring. From what I see most people use black ink for drawing, but I’m not sure about what’s your favourite color for writing. I use: – Waterman blueblack in my fountain pens (a... Read More



Thanks to the thousand plus (and growing) entries from around the world. Our winners for last week are: Aurelie Moulin Paris, France Selim KocaaydınIstanbul, Turkey Jacqueline Azzopardi Victoria, Australia  Please check your email and reply to the notification so we... Read More


David Malkie and his Moleskine

David Malkie of Wondermark writes briefly about his Moleskine use "I carry around a Moleskine notebook to jot ideas and sketches down in, and once in a while I get the crazy idea that I should just make a whole... Read More


Detour Artist Profile: Massimiliano Fuksas

Massimiliano Fuksas starts his practice in Rome and begins working with Anna Maria Sacconi after a Degree in Architecture from “La Sapienza” University in Rome, he participates in the 12th and the 13th Paris Biennial. He took part in the... Read More


Maria’s Garden

Maria Sebregondi, Brand Equity and Communication VP of Moleskine notebooks, enjoys the courtyard view from the balcony of her casa di ringheria, a type of apartment building, in Milan, Italy. [Photo: Bill Hogan]"Neighbors are not anonymous. You see them. You... Read More