Sightings: Jennifer Morrison



   House’s Jennifer Morrison has been tapped to star in The Murder of Princess Diana, a Lifetime movie based on the Noel Botham book that theorized that Di’s fatal car crash was the dirty work of a conspiracy. Morrison will play an American journalist who witnesses the tunnel crash and starts her own investigation after becoming suspicious of the “official” take on what happened.

In the photo, any Moleskine fan will quickly notice she’s jotting down important journalistic notes in a pocket Moleskine reporter notebook, complete with snappy elastic closure. Wonder if JMo prefers plain, squared, or ruled?

A.E. Baxter

Slow Burn Productions

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Sightings: Jennifer Morrison

  1. Wayne M. Sarf says:

    If we’re lucky the abrasive Dr. House will crash this piece of schlock and begin menacing everyone with his cane, crying, “Don’t tell me you BELIEVE these idiotic conspiracy theories, you presumably rational beings!”

    In any case, the moleskin notebook will survive the exposure…

    What looked like a moleskine also made an appearance in the World War I flick “Flyboys” a while back — held by a pointedly upper-class American volunteer pilot in the Lafayette Escadrille.

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