Switching from a BlackBerry to my Moleskine


I just joined this group to obtain some ideas about how others use their Moleskine Notebooks. I had no idea what a Moleskine was until I saw one on Flickr. As someone who loves to write, it immediately captured my attention. I was very surprised that I had not heard of these before, especially since there were so many images of them on Flickr.

After viewing many of the photos, I then did a search and found where  I could obtain them. I decided to buy direct and purchased six, as I have some OCD issues around my notebooks being "just so". Anyway I would enjoy hearing from others that may be in that same or similar position as I am where I’ve decided to give up the BlackBerry (or some other smart phone) , at least for now.

Interestingly, I loved the BlackBerry and it suited me perfectly. No complaints, except for my personal tendency to be addicted to it and in turn having a hard time putting it down. Another side effect, was that my handwriting was going away as I spend the majority of my work time on my ThinkPad laptop. I was only using a pen and paper for signatures on contracts and other documents. And even that is on the wane as more and more is being done electronically.

As a lover of fine mechanical devices like luxury perpetual hand made swiss watches, and fine pens, the analog way began to become a renewed attraction to me. And so it was only two days ago, that I put aside my beloved BlackBerry and brought out my newly acquired Moleskine. In turn I had also done quite a bit of research for "just the right pen". After reading many blogs and various other articles online I decided to try a pen called: Pilot G-TEC-C4. This comes in just one size: O.4. I ordered these from an pen shop in New York, the only place in the US where I could find them. I purchased a 12 pack of my two favorite colors, Black & Red. These perform quite nicely and as I had read they do indeed write very smoothly, without any bleeding through to the following page.

I look forward to this adventure and recovering my penmanship through daily writing once again.

"Mobile Leonard"

Image: ABF

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2 thoughts on “Switching from a BlackBerry to my Moleskine

  1. The Pilot G-2 actually works just as well, and seem to be at most drug stores. The .05 and the .07 both seem the best to me. “Why fix what isn’t broken?” I don’t know why these particular pens seem to work so much better than other gel pens. There’s no bleeding, no splotches. Some people move on to “rapidographs” and special drawing pens, but for the journals, I would just stick with the Pilot-G2.

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